Sunday, February 14, 2010

Top Ten Romantic Movies

I am not made of stone. I may have a hard outer shell but inside I'm all mushy gushy. Don't tell anyone! That being said here is a list of my favorite romances. I'm not main stream romantic and go for quirky stories. I'd love to hear what makes your heart go pitter patter! Happy Valentine's Day!

Mary' List :

  1. Punch Drunk Love
  2. Sense & Sensibility
  3. Groundhog Day
  4. Something's Gotta Give
  5. As Good As It Gets
  6. Four Weddings and A Funeral
  7. Juno
  8. Cold Mountain
  9. When Harry Met Sally
  10. Up!


  1. haha, I so dont do romance (for the most part), but my list would include:

    1) shakespeare in love- have I mentioned that movie yet?
    2) up - seriously, the best love story ever
    3) prince of tides- although I don't condone extramarital affairs, it's just too romantic to not be on my list
    4) shrek- the perfect fairy tale romance lol
    5) as good as it gets- my kind of romance, it's real and not perfect and awkward
    6) titanic- I admit I love this movie, have seen it over 20 times and it never gets old, though the theme song does
    7) ghost romance classic
    8) my fair lady- love love love it
    9) the notebook- yes, I admit, I watched it and cried!
    10) the american president

    these aren't set in stone, but the ones that came to mind!

    I love cold mountain and somethings got to give :D
    groundhog day makes my top 10 of movies I hate lol

  2. Good list Stacee!

    I liked the Notebook, Titanic, Ghost, Prince of Tides,and Shrek. I don't hate Shakespeare in Love. I wouldn't even say I dislike it. I just didn't think it was Oscar-worthy.

    I read the Notebook and I was crying by the end. But my favorite love story is Up! I am in agreement - that movie is precious. I LOVE it. I think I've seen it over five times. The scene with Ellie getting old and climbing the hill to their picnic spot gets me every time. Perfect!

    We will have to delve into and dissect your hate for Groundhog Day.

  3. I haven't seen Up- which is good, I'll put it on my list with Zombieland (yes it's #1 on my Netflix queue). Here's my top ten...
    1) Shining Through
    2)Pride and Prejudice (recent one)
    3)North & South (BBC Miniseries- does it count?)
    4)The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982)
    5) Working Girl
    6)Chasing Liberty
    7)Dirty Dancing
    8)Top Gun
    10)Romeo & Juliet (1996)

    Many of these movies have faded for me aka they don't highly move me, but at the times they came out I LOVED them. I've watched many of them more than 10 times. Avatar is a new one for me, but I thought it was a very contemporary love story and I liked it. Nothing is ever easy anymore, but it's nice to know we can always make it work.

  4. That's a good list Pixie. I highly recommend Up!. I would have to say it and Zombieland are my two favorites from last year. Obviously, for totally different reasons. My daughter received Up! for Christmas and I watch it with her every time. I even heard my husband giggling while watching it. It's sweet, witty, funny, endearing,...can you tell I like it?

  5. hmmm, I will have to check out Up. I love You've Got Mail. Love love love the fact that there was no settling for the wrong person, they nixed their relationships properly, because they didn't feel it. Then moved on to the love of their life. ahhhhhh, a gal can still dream!!

  6. Dreams do come true Cheryl! That's a good pick.

    I forgot one of my favorites! Can't believe I forgot it. It is "Just Friends" with Ryan Reynolds. It's so funny and has a nice little love story in it.

  7. how on earth did I forget dirty dancing?? omg, that should be in my top 10 for every movie list!!
    and top gun? great great pic! a lot of movies on some of these lists I just haven't seen! and avatar does count as a romance, so another good choice!

    does atonement count as a romantic movie? lol

    I can't say enough about UP. it's the all around perfect movie! my kids and hubby all loved it! I love the whole beginning segment, it wrecks me every time :D

    I think my major problem with groundhogs day would be andie mcdowell...ugh

  8. sorry-- I forgot one more that just has to be on the list
    Slumdog Millionaire

    ok, one more

    City of Angels

    I'm done now :D

  9. "I do not like the cone of shame." - Dug


    It's funny you mention Andie McDowell. My daughters and I were on a Bill Murray stint and watched What About Bob? and then Groundhog Day.

    They really liked the first and the second was alright. My youngest asked who's the pretty girl he falls in love with. I said that one - Rita. She said she didn't get it and that she was not pretty. From the mouth of babes...

  10. In high school I loved "Say Anything," "Sixteen Candles", and "Pretty in Pink". Those are romantic comedies. I also liked a movie called "Wicker Park."

  11. Now if we were talking best romantic song the theme from say anything wins hands down!!!
    Oh wait--that just reminded me of the bodyguard. That's a guilty pleasure movie lol!

  12. No Stacee no! Not The Bodyguard! I know we all have guilty pleasures. I won't go into some of the crap I watch on T.V.

  13. Does Saturday Night Fever count as a love story? COuld be I've already worn out my welcome on your blog:)

  14. Hahaha the bodyguard is soooo my secret indulgence!! Don't tell anyone!!! ;)
    as for tv? You have no idea what awfulness I'm addicted to!!! My trailer trash tv! Lol

  15. Leslie,

    You could never wear out your welcome here. I always enjoy your wit!

    Stacee- Same here. I followed Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. Did I actually admit to that and dig an even bigger hole by putting it in writing. Train wreck - can't turn away.

  16. Leslie - How about Urban Cowboy? I love you SISSY! I love you BUD!Let's go ride the bull at Gilley's. So touching...

  17. YES!!!!!! How could I have forgotten Sissy and Bud? Classic!

  18. omg you admitted you love ROL?? i love you!
    bret michaels is the grossest man whore ever, the girls are as trashy as they come (i mean do people really act like that?) and yet...i'm sucked in every time! all those damn shows, i can't seem to get away from! oh no. it's out in the open now. maybe there's a rehab for trashy reality show addiction? dr drew?? :D

  19. ok, i have one more romantic movie i have to post
    benjamin button!! (no boos please lol)
    goodnight daisy
    goodnight benjamin

  20. I forgot about Fools Rush In with Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry. I really like that movie.