Saturday, January 30, 2010

My review of Bruno. What's the most offensive film you have ever seen?

   So last weekend my husband and I watched Bruno starring Sascha Cohen. You may recognize Cohen from the now canceled HBO series Da Ali G Show, Talledega Nights, or Borat.  If you liked Borat, you MIGHT like Bruno. If you ever watched Da Ali G show Bruno and Borat are two characters from the show. Bruno is a German homosexual who dreams of making it big in the U.S.A. The film follows him around as he tries to do things that other celebrities do to become famous. Many times the joke is on the other people in the film because they have no idea Bruno is fictitious. I would not recommend this movie to many people. It crosses so many lines and on so many levels. That being said, we thought it was hilarious. So so wrong, but still funny. We let our neighbors borrow it thinking they shared our sense of humor. Let's just say we are no longer on speaking terms since they watched it.

That leads me to ask you, dear follower, what is the most shocking/offensive movie you have ever seen? What about it upset you? Would you ever watch it again?

Let me add - nothing rated worse than R!

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Friday, January 29, 2010

What is The Simpleton?

Hello and welcome to The Simpleton. I chose to name this blog The Simpleton because I don't think you need to be Roger Ebert to review a film. It's simple - you know a good film when you see it. However, we all have differing opinions on what makes a movie good. Here you will find my reviews on all genres of film. That includes oldies but goodies and new releases. The Simpleton is also a place you can give your two cents. I promise I won't hunt you down like a dog in the night if you disagree with my opinion. So let the credits roll...