Friday, January 29, 2010

What is The Simpleton?

Hello and welcome to The Simpleton. I chose to name this blog The Simpleton because I don't think you need to be Roger Ebert to review a film. It's simple - you know a good film when you see it. However, we all have differing opinions on what makes a movie good. Here you will find my reviews on all genres of film. That includes oldies but goodies and new releases. The Simpleton is also a place you can give your two cents. I promise I won't hunt you down like a dog in the night if you disagree with my opinion. So let the credits roll...


  1. Can't wait to are some movies I never wanted to end
    Working Girl
    Scarlet Pimpernel (BBC)
    North & South (BBC)
    Romeo & Juliet (w/claire and leo)
    Lost Boys
    Top Gun
    Dirty Dancing

    I know you didn't ask, but I thought I'd throw them out there.

  2. OH yeah, and Pride & Predjudice with Kiera...

  3. Among my favorites (there are so many)

    The Visitor... :)

  4. Thanks ladies for adding your favorites. Great lists! There are a few on Nathalie's list I haven't seen. In the last couple of years I would have to say Juno and Gran Torino are two of my favorites.

  5. Nathalie,

    I didn't know how to take this at the time but of my best friends went and saw Juno at the movie theater. She insisted I see it because she said I act like Juno. I'm still not convinced but I do have an odd sense of humor.