Friday, March 19, 2010

A Twofer - TWO, TWO - TWO reviews in one

I hate when I watch a movie and it's turns out to be a real pile o' poo.  I have recently watched two videos that have led me to not waste my time writing two separate reviews. I have already invested over 3 hours between these two pieces of dung.

The first craptacular movie, The Box,  stars Cameron Diaz and  James Marsden. I am going to name drop here. James Marsden did attend Oklahoma State University and lived in the fraternity across the street from my casa.  Did I ever see him? No. Did I ever interact with him? Nope. However, it's a fun fact that I like to fit into random  conversations. Any who, even attending the most awesome Oklahoma State University could not give him enough sense to avoid this script. Bad, bad, bad. Cameron Diaz is playing some kind of Zombie Barbie.  Blech. It was based on a episode of the Twilight Zone. Maybe good for a 30 minute show but not a movie. Don't waste your time.

Next, the equally craptacular Bruce Willis piece called Surrogates. I wish I'd had a surrogate watching this movie for me. Then I could have been doing something else other than torturing myself by watching this. It's Sci-fi...bad Sci-fi. I might hurt myself if I have to watch another movie with Bruce Willis sporting an awful hair piece.

So, to summarize. These two should be flushed down the toilet. That's all I can give. So tired. So very tired. 


  1. haven't seen the box yet, but i recall the twilight epi and it was great! but i do plan on giving the movie a try.
    now surrogates? i've seen...and what a waste of a movie! a hot mess for sure. it didn't really seem to go anywhere, the acting was...shaky at best lol
    hey, we agreed on a movie :D

  2. HAHAHAHAHAH. Wasn't James at least a little bit nice to look at?